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Manicaland is located in the East of the country. The name is derived from the Manyika, which is a subtribe of the Shona who are the largest ethnic group in the province. Mutare is the capital city of the province. There are seven districts in this province. These are; Nyanga, Buhera, Chipinge, Mutare, Makoni, Chimanimani, and Mutasa. This Province derives its income from diamond mining as well as agricultural activities.

Nightlife in Manicaland

At night, there is an awakening in Manicaland as locals go to nightclubs and bars to enjoy their cold alcoholic drinks as well as dance the night away. Here are some of the places you should check out during your visit;

  • Flavourtown club in Mutare is known for being a beer haven and targets upmarket people.
  • Meikles pub and grill in Mutare
  • Snipers pub in Nyanga
  • Mutare Club has served popular people like Denzel Washington.
  • Mandisa Nite club in Mutare
  • Nyati Nite club in Mutare

Prostitution in Manicaland

When diamond was discovered, commercial sex work in Manicaland boomed since wealthy people started moving into the area to have their hands on diamonds. At that time, the sex workers used to hang around bars because men used to go in groups with friends and that made the best hunting ground for the sex workers to get their next meal ticket.

Sex work has however migrated from bars to the sex workers’ homes or the bushes. Some use traditional ceremonies like chenura to seek clients as they mark the death of a loved one.

However, these days with the poor economy, men have stopped frequenting bars due to little money to splurge on beer and women. Sex workers have also started accepting other forms of payment like household items and food. These days, sex workers target truck drivers, especially on payday.

There is an unspoken rule of having protected sex in this industry. However, the women of the province claim that it is because of sex work that HIV infections have increased in the area. Both the sex workers and clients know of the unspoken rule and this rule is followed unless during a drunk encounter.

Dating and marriage in Manicaland

It is normal for a woman in Manicaland to pick her husband, a practice called Kuganha. The woman can either pick a bachelor or a married man. Usually, the men do not refuse the offer and proceed to pay bride price which is known as roora. If the man cannot afford to pay the roora which is usually in the form of cattle, he would offer labour as a substitute to their in-law. This is called Kutema ugariri which means working for a wife. This method allows for the less fortunate to claim their wives after completing their service.

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